Making Granadilla Cordial on an Autumn Afternoon…



I recently visited my parent’s beautiful guest house in the Garden Route with my little girl. I can’t believe I can call her a little girl and not a baby! It was such a magical time for me being in the home where I grew, up with my daughter and watching her enjoy the beautiful garden, swing that her grandparents hung in an old tree for her and the friendly bullmastiff, Juno.

My father’s garden is so full of surprises and I just love to see what my mother’s been cooking with his bountiful produce. While I was there, she made a huge pot of granadilla cordial on a rainy Autumn afternoon, and I couldn’t resist but do a quick little shoot on the stoep. My father has two different varieties of granadilla growing on a huge trellis that separates the garden, yellow ones and the darkest purple, bursting with flavour…

Cordial is so easy to make and it’s the prefect thing to do when you have too many granadillas. The other clever idea that my mother has come up with is freezing the pulp in ice trays to defrost as she uses them over fruit platters for her guests or warm flapjacks for breakfast, what could be more delicious…


Granadilla Cordial Recipe (basic cordial)


1 litre granadilla pulp

4 cups of white sugar

juice of 1 lemon



Place the ingredients in a big pot and bring it to the boil on a low heat.

Simmer it slowly until all the sugar is dissolved and it starts to thicken.

Pour it into sterilised glass bottles and store it in a cool, dark place.

Mix about 3 tbsp of cordial with 1 litre of water, add ice and serve!



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