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Exploring Andalucia

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I had never thought of traveling to Spain until we received a home exchange request from a Danish couple with the most beautiful home in a white-washed Moorish village called Frigiliana… We had just finished renovating our cottage and decided that we’d put it on the home exchange website and wait and see what requests we get. I was immediately enchanted by the idea of exploring southern Spain and started doing some research about the food and the area known as Andalucía. We realized that from Frigiliana, we would be surrounded by beautiful cities like Granada, Seville, Jerez and Malaga, all only a few hours’ drive away.


My Paris

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Long before my many hours working as a pastry chef and learning to make delicate French pastries, I started dreaming about going to Paris. I remember learning about the classic French cooking methods during my chef training and being so enchanted by their appreciation of cooking methods that have been in use for hundreds of years. Then, specializing as a pastry chef I learnt about their passion for only the best ingredients – Belgian dark chocolate, full fat farm butter, stone ground flour, Madagascan vanilla beans… And so I started dreaming about working in an authentic French Patisserie one day.


Curried Potatoes

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Asian indian spices potatoes - Nelleke Elston

There are a few things I seem to crave every winter and potatoes seem to always be one of them. Add curry, and you’ve got the ultimate, winter comfort food. In the midst of a food revolution where protein is in and carbs are out,  I like to stand by the good old saying of  ‘eating everything in moderation’ will do little harm. I’ve also started eating less carbohydrates, so when I’m going to make a potato dish, I’m sure going to enjoy it!


Hollandaise Sauce

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The other day my husband and I had the most delicious breakfast with my brother and his wife. We made home-made rostis with salmon and I, between the chaos of frying rostis and poaching eggs, quickly whipped up some Hollandaise sauce. My brother, my number one support when it comes to blogging, immediately said, “We should have taken photo’s!”. And that’s what lead me to this post. I realise so many people think that Hollandaise sauce is such a difficult thing to make, when actually it just requires a little practice.


Amsterdam and its culinary secrets…

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I just got back from a six week holiday in Europe and am suffering from mild symptoms of post-holiday-blues. What better way of overcoming them than reminiscing about all the delicious food and great memories with a ‘stroop wafel’ in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, I thought…

There’s something about travelling that makes me come alive. I’ve put it down to the fact that I’m the kind of person who actually enjoys being out of my comfort zone, roughing it and possibly not finding all the familiar things I’m use to, those little comforts in life. I love to see how different people all over the world do simple everyday things, how they take their coffee, get around, spend their Saturday afternoons…