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I am a passionate chef and part-time food stylist, blogging about my cooking and travel adventures. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I currently manage my own health food focused catering company, Of the Earth Catering, while developing my food styling skills and studying Nutrition. Read my blog, enjoy my stories and please try my recipes!

A foodie wandering in the desert

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I’ve been on a family holiday in the small coastal town of Walvis Bay for the past two weeks and am really settling into the slow rhythm of life in Namibia. It’s a country that holds a special place in my heart as I was born here and lived here for the first ten years of my childhood. Coming back, after not having been here for three years, I am shocked at the development and change this little town has gone through, but also am pleasantly surprised by the culinary secrets I’ve discovered with the help of my local friends. This holiday we are only exploring the short strip of coast between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, and I thought a blog post on some of my not-to-miss culinary experiences is in order. So here goes:


Slow-Roasted Tomato Soup

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Bowl of fresh mixed tomatoes
I’m huddled in front of the fireplace on a very cold and rainy June evening and the sound of the crackling fire and the hum of my laptop are the only sounds in the house. The rain has finally stopped. This is the perfect time for a quick blog post before the busy week starts, I think. And what better way to bring a little colour and cheer into this grey day than write about tomato soup and share these beautiful pictures with you…


Warm Baby Potato Salad

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Fresh potato salad with greens

Okay, its official, winter is here. This is a beautiful salad for a lunch and is perfect for this time of year. It’s still hearty, but has a lovely freshness and crisp. I love potato salad and I love trying new and different ingredients in them. It all started when I visited Dublin and went to Cornucopia, this gorgeous little vegetarian cafe that serves good, honest food. You could immediately tell by the diverse people waiting on the sidewalk to be seated every lunch that there was something special about their food. From businessmen to students to urban hippies, this was obviously the place to be. I didn’t quite get the term ‘honest food’ until I visited Cornucopia… One of their acclaimed dishes from their daily buffet menu is their potato salad with roasted hazelnuts and home-made garlic mayonnaise. It is just amazing and it’s taken me down the slippery slope of adding nuts and seeds to most things, be it an open sandwich or a simple green salad. (more…)

Exploring Andalucia

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I had never thought of traveling to Spain until we received a home exchange request from a Danish couple with the most beautiful home in a white-washed Moorish village called Frigiliana… We had just finished renovating our cottage and decided that we’d put it on the home exchange website and wait and see what requests we get. I was immediately enchanted by the idea of exploring southern Spain and started doing some research about the food and the area known as Andalucía. We realized that from Frigiliana, we would be surrounded by beautiful cities like Granada, Seville, Jerez and Malaga, all only a few hours’ drive away.


My Paris

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Long before my many hours working as a pastry chef and learning to make delicate French pastries, I started dreaming about going to Paris. I remember learning about the classic French cooking methods during my chef training and being so enchanted by their appreciation of cooking methods that have been in use for hundreds of years. Then, specializing as a pastry chef I learnt about their passion for only the best ingredients - Belgian dark chocolate, full fat farm butter, stone ground flour, Madagascan vanilla beans… And so I started dreaming about working in an authentic French Patisserie one day.