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Healthy Nut, Seed and Date Balls

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Today is another beautiful, sunny Winters day in Cape Town. The branches of the oak tree that hangs over my house are almost bare and it feels like a familiar time of year when I’me grateful for every sunny day. I’ve caught myself making my third cup of tea before the afternoon has started… It’s the type of weather that just calls for a sweet treat with your tea and makes me wish I was able to snuggle on the couch for the afternoon with a good book. I have been enjoying the glories of my daughter having a two hour nap and am catching up on some long-overdue blogging and shoot-planning. Life with a toddler has left me missing little things like spending the afternoon baking without having to fight my way through Tupperwares and potatoes rolling on my kitchen floor. I must say though, I wouldn’t replace it for the world, and the busyness has somehow made me into a more focused and productive person.


Birthday Celebrations

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I recently celebrated my 30th birthday at the Company’s Garden Restaurant in the beautiful Cape Town, city centre. I haven’t written too many posts directly referring to restaurants, but I had such an incredible experience there and love the food and decor so much, that it’s definitely worth a mention. My sister-in-law took these gorgeous pics of the party-happenings and I made my birthday cake (something that happens most years), afraid this is the lot of a pastry chef slash undercover cake critic…

I thought I’d share some tips for this simple rosette cake. This was my first attempt, but surprisingly easy and very big on wow-factor. Firstly, I made a simple butter cream icing, the same recipe I’ve mentioned in another post on my daughter’s birthday ruffle cake. I like to use quite a lot of butter, as this tones down the sugar, but does unfortunately make it a little more pricey to make. It is so worth it though, trust me. (more…)

Making Granadilla Cordial on an Autumn Afternoon…

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I recently visited my parent’s beautiful guest house in the Garden Route with my little girl. I can’t believe I can call her a little girl and not a baby! It was such a magical time for me being in the home where I grew, up with my daughter and watching her enjoy the beautiful garden, swing that her grandparents hung in an old tree for her and the friendly bullmastiff, Juno.


Quick Buttercream Icing

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This past weekend we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday. Being a pastry chef and general foodie, I always feel the pressure to do something really amazing when it comes to the food at a party. I felt like I wanted her cake to be something special but also delicious to eat, after all this would be her first taste of cake!


Pear and Dark Chocolate Loaf Cake

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It’s that time of the year when it’s getting cooler and I think Autumn is sneaking up on us. I must say, I don’t mind. There’s something so magical about the falling leaves and the change of season, it’s the start of the time of year I crave more rich flavours, like this cake. These days my life is all about making things more simple. Before I was a mum, I couldn’t have imagined the way my multi-tasking skills would be put to the test on a daily basis. So, like a few other things in my life, baking has become something of a luxury, me-time, often mid-night, activity. Sometimes I just so enjoy the quiet after a long day with my little one, that I simply can’t switch off and just savour the moment…